Mission Statement:  Personalize learning for every student through rigor, relevance and relationships.


2013 Board of Education

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Board Members:
Kevin Palmateer, President
Dennis Socha, Vice-President
Nicole Winston, Treasurer
Dave Schmorrow, Secretary
Dave Watson, Trustee
Kenn Davis, Trustee
Jeffery Tucker, Trustee

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Board of Education Operating Procedures

The Marysville Board of Education spent a significant amount of time this summer developing Board Operating Procedures.  The operating procedures are part of an overall governance model and code of conduct agreed upon by each member of the Board of Education. The Operating Procedures are not Board of Education Policy; rather they are guidelines to how Board Policy is carried out in action.  We encourage you to read through the procedures and become familiar with them. 
The operating procedures were created through study and research of various other school district governance models in the state of Michigan with assistance from The Michigan Association of School Boards.  We thank the Board of Education for their efforts to work as a collaborative team for the betterment of the students, staff and families of Marysville Public Schools.
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