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Athletic Code of Conduct

It is a privilege to participate in athletics at Marysville High School.  All students who wish to participate in athletics must pass a current physical examination, signed by an M.D. or D.O., and have it on file in the Athletic Office.  Student athletes must also meet the eligibility requirements of the Michigan High School Athletic Association, as well as, the specific expectations as determined by the Marysville Public School System.
The coaches shall review the Code of Conduct with their teams at the beginning of each season.  The student/athlete and his/her parent/guardian must sign a copy of the Code of Conduct and file it with the Athletic Office before the student will be eligible to particpate.  This signed copy will remain on file and in effect for the duration of the student's enrollment.  Suspensions, probations or removal from athletics will not carry over from the Middle School to the High School.
Academic Requirements
  1. Students must have passed at least 4 classes, each worth 1 semester credit, during the previous semester of enrollment.
  2. Students must be passing all classes enrolled at Marysville High School in order to practice or participate.  (Students must be enrolled in at last 4 classes, each worth 1 semester credit).
  3. In the event that a student is not passing all classes, a one week grace period will be given per class, per sport in order to give the student an opportunity to improve his/her grade before being removed from the respective avctivity.  Academic support will be available during this grace week in the form of 3 required after school study sessions.  All students get a fresh start at the beginning of the semester.
Athletic Code of Conduct Violations
  1. No drinking of any alcoholic beverages, M.I.P. situations, possession of false or altered personal identification, or any alcohol-related violations/offenses.
  2. No use or possession of mind altering drugs or illegal substances.
  3. Any time an athlete is in the presence of alcohol/drugs where minors are in violation of either rules #1 or #2, the student athlete must immediately leave the situation.  Failure to do so is a violation.
  4. No smoking, use or possession of tobacco products.
  5. No use or possession of anabolic steroids.
  6. Any time a student athlete exhibits unbecoming conduct of a Marysville High School athlete, the student athlete will be disciplined.  The extent of the discipline will be determined by the coach and/or Athletic Director. (For any non-season ending violation, the extent of the discipline will be determined by the coach and/or Athletic Director)
Violation Consequences
First Violation:
~Removed from team
Off-Season(Summer & non-participation period in HS athletics during the school year)
~One calendar year of probation
Violation During Probation:
In-Season (Fall, Winter, Spring)
~Removed from team
~Ineligible for the next 3 seasons (current +2)
~Student athlete must also obtain and verify assessment/counseling to regain eligibility
Off-Season (Summer & non-participation periods in HS athletics during the school year)
~Ineligible for 3 seasons (current +2)
~Student athlete must also obtain and verify assessment/counseling to regain eligibility
Policy Implementations
  1. Violation of Athletic Code of Conduct occurs.
  2. Athletic Director/Coach notifies student and parent of violation and consequences.
  3. Athletic Director sends written parent notification of violation, consequences, and the due process procedures.
  4. If parents choose to appeal they must contact the Athletic Director within 3 school days after notification.
  5. Athletic Director will schedule a meeting to include the student, parent, coach, and Athletic Director.
  6. Following the Athletic Director meeting, if the parent chooses to continue the appeal, they must contact the building principal within 3 school days.
  7. The principal will convene an appeal hearing with a committee comprised of the following voting members: (Pool of appeals candidate members will be selected prior to the start of the school year)
~Two coaches
~One community member
~One high school teacher (non-coach)
~One Board of Education member
Also included:  (Non-Voting Member)
~High School Principal - Chair
~Athletic Director
~Recording Secretary
The Appeals Committee will grant or deny the parent's request by secret ballot and the decision is final.  The principal will contact the parents with the Committee's decision within 24 hours.
The season begins for the athlete with the first team practice and concludes at either the awards night or when the athlete begins a new season. 
If the violation occurs after the athlete's first practice but before they receive the award from the prior season,
they will receive the award but cannot attend the banquet and will lose eligibility for the current season.