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Parent & Student Resources

Parents, grandparents and guardians are an important part of our school community. We value their support and commitment to our students and the school district. Below are tools to assist you and your student. If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach our to your child's teacher, or the building principal.

 We prioritize the safety of everyone within Marysville Public Schools' premises, ensuring a secure environment for our students and staff. If you're considering utilizing our facilities for an event or program, we encourage you to connect with the respective building principal and utilize the provided link to fill out our Building Use Request Form. Kindly be aware that creating an account is necessary to complete the request process.

For those familiar with our previous application procedures, please be informed that the aforementioned process now supersedes any previous methods utilized. We appreciate your cooperation as we strive to streamline and enhance our facility usage protocols.

How to request Building use 

Quick Reference Steps:

1. Use the above 'link' to create an account

2. Select "schedule request" (left)

3. Select "New Request" (upper right corner)

4. Follow the prompts and complete the request form

5. If in doubt, please review "how to submit a schedule request" from above. 



At Marysville Public Schools, we place great importance on open communication and are committed to addressing all concerns and issues respectfully and effectively. To facilitate this, we encourage everyone to follow our “Chain of Command” when communicating about any problems or concerns.

We recognize that frustrations can arise when addressing issues, but our goal is to minimize undue stress or confusion. Therefore, we request that you first address each situation at the level where the initial action was taken. Our aim is to resolve matters at that level whenever possible. If the situation remains unresolved to your satisfaction, we have a structured appeals process that can be followed.

To initiate communication, we suggest starting with an email, as it provides written documentation of the issue. Alternatively, a phone call to the appropriate contact is also acceptable. In some cases, these initial communications may lead to a face-to-face meeting.

Please follow the list of contacts below when addressing any concerns. In each case, explain your concern(s) and share your thoughts, allowing the individual involved a reasonable time to reply before proceeding to the next level in the Chain of Command.

-Chain of Command Guide (PDF)

The Marysville Public Schools District is pleased to offer the e-Funds program as an alternative to check or cash payments.  Skyward access will be required to use this system as you will need your child's student number.  This access can be obtained through your child's school office.

e-Funds can be used for many purposes. You can pay tuition for pre-school, pay athletic fees, and pay for Chromebook screen repairs, charger replacements, and cases.   

Below are downloadable directions to use the site, as well as a link to the mobile website. 

e-Funds Information Letter

e-Funds Step-by-Step Guide (Downloadable PDF)

e-Funds Program link






There are a lot of great community events and activities that take place in St Clair County.  If you are hosting a community event and would like to distribute information to our students and their families, please email your request along with a copy of the flier your wish to have distributed.  Determination on your request will be supplied within a couple of business days.  After approval, copies can be distributed to the school offices.  If you have questions, please contact our administrative offices at 810-455-6007.

What is the Michigan Hearing & Vision Screening Program?

Michigan’s Hearing and Vision screenings are offered FREE of charge by local health departments in collaboration with local schools; the programs are administered by the Michigan Department of Community Health. The Hearing & Vision programs have been implemented for more than 60 years to the benefit of generations of Michigan children. Over 1.1 million children are screened annually for hearing and vision problems. Over 87,000 children are referred to eye care professionals and physicians for follow-up care.

Vision Screening

Vision screening of preschool children is conducted by Local Health Department staff at least once between the ages of 3 and 5 years, and school-age children are screened in grades 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9, or in conjunction with driver training classes.

Many children enter school with vision problems. Children usually do not know that they see differently. Early identification of an eye problem is important. Conditions like amblyopia or lazy eye, can be prevented if detected and treated during pre-school years.



Michigan Public Health Vision and Screening Programs Flier

At Marysville, we value our volunteers! Throughout the years, your child's teacher or coach may offer opportunities for you to volunteer or participate in events. The forms you may need are included below. Additional documentation, such as permission slips, may be required from your child's teacher or school. 

PDF DocumentVolunteer Application

PDF DocumentChaperone Form & Guidelines

PDF DocumentOvernight Field Trip - Chaperone Guidelines


Medical forms for Overnight field trips

PDF DocumentWaiver & Release of Claims

PDF DocumentAdministration of Medication



Video: 5 Minutes to Spare - High School Influence and Development

Tips on how to support your high school student's independence, success, and overall development in just five minutes or less.