Marysville Public Schools offers art classes to students of all ages.   Marysville art students explore a wide range of media and complete both individual and collaborative projects.   The curriculum is designed to build art skills and experience as students advance through grades.  Students are introduced to Art history to learn an appreciation for different types of art.

Displays of our student's artwork are available at each school building, as well as the district offices.  A hand full of students from each building are selected annually to present their art to the Board of Education.  Those pieces of art and then displayed in the district offices for one year.  Students have an opportunity at the end of that year to collect their artwork. 

Students in the Marysville High School Art Program experience an array of Art approaches and work with a number of mediums, from graphite, ink, watercolor, acrylic, and clay, to name a few. Due to these unprecedented times, student artwork has not been displayed for public viewing. To better highlight the dedication and discipline of MHS aspiring artists, Marysville High School is developing a special web page to display their art and share information about the program.  Please enjoy!

MHS Art Page (This link will be available shortly)

Best of the Best - December 2020


Art and Choir Event

Marysville Public Schools hold an annual Art and Choir event to showcase fine arts in the district.   Dates will be posted on the district social media page as well as the district calendar when they become available. 


Additional Sites and Resources


MHS Art Page ( temporarily down, link will be active shortly)